Breadsall Festival of Music 2014

Derby has a new Festival of Music! The Festival will take place every evening from Tuesday, 28 October to Saturday, 1 November 2014 in Breadsall, Derby. The venue will be the All Saints Church that has very good acoustics.

Local talent will be showcased and the following artists have been invited: The Heartless Tarts [Derbyshire Dales], The Wren Vocal Ensemble [Leicester], Lee Brown, On-the-spot loop composer [Derby], Internationally acclaimed singer Dana de Waal [Derby], Duffield Singers, Fishpond Choir [Matlock Bath], All Saints Singers [Breadsall] and the OVS Choir [Darley Abbey].

Sir David Read, Fellow of the Royal Society, has agreed to be the Patron of the Festival. This was an amazing scoop and we are so proud that Sir David has taken this on board in spite of his immensely full programme!

The concerts will all be about one hour and fifteen minutes. This is so that no one would be kept out of bed to late on our beautiful Derby autumnal evenings in a month’s time!

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